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The Magical Horses


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The Magical Horses - A Journey of Adventure, Mystery & Hope

HorsesLet yourself be taken away into this magical world!

Nine-year-old Kiran is not happy to find himself suddenly living with his grandparents in a small town. When things go from bad to worse, an old notebook given to him by his grandfather brings unexpected comfort.

As words gradually and mysteriously begin to surface from the book's blank pages, Kiran moves into the world of two lively and courageous mouse twins who, from their miniature world, take on an epic journey.

Join Kiran as he follows the lovable characters Leo and Poldy, as they travel through a deep and ancient forest and face many challenges and fears to find out why The Magical Horses disappeared.

Experience their hopes and dreams as they uncover long-forgotten secrets about the wondrous and peaceful times when the horses were still around.

Stand beside Kiran as his life changes, and he begins to see the world around him with different eyes.

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A journey of adventure, mystery and hope